Essence Man Trevor Cape has coached thousands of people to navigate meaningful career and life directions, and has given his classes, workshops and concerts in numerous locations around the globe. He has great expertise in helping people find hope and strategic optimism, champion their promise, get realistic about their obstacles and develop strategies to understand and realize their dreams. 

He has worked in leading HR and marketing companies and runs his company ON Positioning, dedicated to helping clients be on track, on meaningful purpose and effective. 

His coaching expertise includes career management, positioning, resume development, sales and interviewing effectiveness, and aligning strengths, passions and values to live a meaningful life. 

His healing work includes empowerment and effectiveness coaching, energy clearing and Reiki, helping people become more connected with themselves, the earth and community at large. He hosts monthly men's circles and counsels people on a broad range of life issues.

He is also an accomplished songwriter and band leader. Trevor Cape and the Field features a rotating cast of inspiring musicians who through original, jam and classic music, inspires openness, connectivity, joy and dance. His monthly concert series, Grateful Sunday brings people of all ages together and fosters community spirit in his hometown in Toronto, Canada.

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Grateful Sunday

Supermarket, 268 Augusta Ave

Monthly all ages dance party in Kensington Market, fostering peace love and community. Trevor Cape and The Field plays two sets of original and Grateful Dead music with a healthy dose of fresh jam everytime.